Ulysse Rousselet & Fannie Verdu-Imbert

Fannie et Ulysse,

They are the creators of FUL [L] Urban Animals. Met at the architecture school of Paris La Villette, their love of beautiful things and furniture brought them together. The idea of FUL [L] was born from their desire to do well, innovate and conceive. Young state-certified architects put their knowledge at the service of their cats. It was from their conception of design, their taste for planning and their interest in nature that the first FUL [L] cat tree and the beginning of the adventure came about. Today they want to develop their ideas and share them with as many people as possible. They think the space and the object according to you, your animal and especially your tastes.


Victor sanson

Victor Sanson aka The craft Lad,

Creative globe trotter, artistic director in advertising agency, what he loves above all is story telling and creation. That's why he's part of the beautiful story of full urban animals. And when he does not plan on advertising campaigns "pan-African", he returned to France to indulge in his first passion, restore vintage cars. He likes beautiful functional objects so be part of full, it's all natural



Graphic designers Salomé Mauvois and Thierry Fousse are present in the FUL[L]'s projet project and have been with them since the beginning of the adventure. Both leaders of the agency Sathyr , they were able to bring a visual identity to our project. Do not hesitate to call on them if you are looking for young graphic designers full of ideas and talent!


Astou une fleur dans le desert,

This association aims to keep artisans, artists and groups of women holding know-how in Senegal, close to their families. Our partnership is sustainable and ethical so that families can invest effectively in their village. All know-how is available in Senegal and the association is keen to make it known as widely as possible.



Since 2009, Chapacha offers a cat-keeping concept that considers the cat as a king. Each cat stays at home, and they are "ChaPachettes" who come to keep them company and take care of them at their home every day. ChaPachettes also take care of stewardship (cleaning the cat's environment, watering plants, etc.). Since 2009 ChaPacha has been treating animal design in his image, so with FUL[L] it could only match!